Sunday, February 22, 2009

Field Trip at Tasek Merimbun Museum: Part I

The school had planned and organised a school trip to the museum at the Tasek Merimbun Heritage Park and then have an activity at the Tasek Merimbun. So let the pictures do the explaination of what happened on that day.

Arrived at the Tasek Merimbun Museum.

Entering the museum in orderly manner.

Before we entered the briefing room we saw this. They were ready for us.

Paying attention to the presentation by the museum officer.

Gb presenting a souvenier to the museum officer.

After the presentation, then we ambushed the museum...everyone was excited!!!

Some examples of specimen that can be found in the museum.

A beautiful view from the museum itself.

Whats up there guys???

Its a real big Dragon Fly!!! nope, just kidding. Its just a model. A very cool model!!!

Cikgu Dang Pulot show her expertise to the pupils as well as teachers on how to play the very traditional guling tangan made by wood. It was harmonic. As our gb said, it sound like the chinese lion dance..hehehe...(he was just kidding around with his staff) (^_^)

Before we finished our tour around the mueseum, we had a group picture with the museum staff.

Our school picture. Sure will be a sweet momento for us!!!

To all the schools in Brunei, we recomend to visit the Tasek Merimbun Heritage Park as it is very informative,very refreshing, new experience for all and its fun!!!