Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Science Powerpoint Presentation Competition

Agenda: Science Powerpoint Presentation Competiton
Place: Sekolah Rendah Long Mayan, Tutong II, Dewan Sumbangsih SRLMT
Time: 8.45 a.m-11.00a.m (approximately)
The school that qualified for the final round:
1. SR DPS Ukong
2. SR PKN Bukit Beruang
3. SR Panchong

The final outcome of the Science presentation:
1. SR PKN Bukit Beruang
2. SR DPS Ukong
3. SR Panchong

Below are the pictures describing what had happened:-

Our setup for the competition

Getting ready for the presentation.

The arrival of our guest

Our Guest of Honour ppkdt2

The judges of the day:

Our Gb giving his speech to the audience follow up by our ppkdt2

Then the competition started with SR DPS ukong

Next was SR PKN Bukit Beruang

and finally SR Panchong

After the presentation, next was the announcing the winners.

1st place goes to SR PKN Bukit Beruang

2nd place goes to SR DPS Ukong

3rd place goes to SR Panchong

A picture of one of the gb's recieving a certificate of appreciation

A picture of one of the judges recieving a gift as a token of appreciation

And also a gift to our ppkdt2

We ended our ceremony by the reading of the doa and a mini Science exhibition. Below are the pictures:

Experiment shows the eruption of a volcano

The paper clip floats (an experimant to show surface tension)

Making an electromagnet

Enjoying the Mini Science exhibition