Thursday, April 2, 2009

A sweet memory for the teachers and pupils to be remember

Sorry, for the late updates, but it's better be late rather than nothing, right? Before the 1st term holidays started, Our activity in the morning was, we had a walkathon with the pupils. The route was around the Long Mayan village. Then after the break, the pupils were gathered up in the hall for a small presentation. Below are some pictures to describe what had happened on that day.

Our Gb (the man in red) is leading the pack

At the school junction

One of the route to Kampong Long Mayan where some of the pupils lives.

Even one our staff (man in black with the shaven head) joined us with the walkathon

The pupils enjoys the walk and send a message telling that peace to all.

After the walkathon, the pupils had their break and then they were gathered up in the hall for a small presentation. Before that GB and teachers gave few advices for the pupils. Below are the pictures:

The presentation to the pupils for the actvities that they had won.

One of the pupils are holding his class photo 2009 after the teachers distribute to them.