Thursday, April 2, 2009

The official Closure of Sekolah Rendah Long Mayan, Tutong II

01.04.2009 is the date which is to be remembered for all the teachers, staff, pupils and even the villagers in Kampong Long Mayan as it was the official date of the closure for the school. It was a quite and a calm day as if it is mourn for the closure of the school.

Started with the hoisting of the national flag and the singing of the national anthem

The reading of the prayers

The teachers gathered up for 1 last time in front of the beloved pupils.

Our Gb is giving his advices for the pupils.

The unexpected guest, where some of the parents and villagers came to the school to see their children to be sent to Sr KG Bukit.

Our Ppkdt II, giving his speech and advice for the pupils

Oour Gb read the doa selamat.

After the doa and before they were ready to go, one final greets between the teachers and the pupils

The pupils gets in the bus and went to Sr Kg Bukit.

The pupils were greeted with open hands.

Arrived at Sr Kg Bukit

The new headmaster (Cikgu Jalan Bin Ramai) for our pupils giving his very warm welcoming speech.

The pupils listening to the speech.

This is a picture of one of the pra pupils reaction in their new school.

We would like to say thank you to Sr Kg Bukit for having and taking in our pupils, an appreciation for our ppkdt 2 and pdt2 for coming and sending our children to Sr kg bukit, a big appreciation for the villagers of Kampong Long Mayan for your great support for the school all of these years and lastly we thank you to all the teachers that have taught in this school.

Sekolah Rendah Long Mayan was a school that is a one big happy family, where everybody knows each other, takes care each other, helped each other no matter what the circumstances are. we will going to miss this school as it brings about alot of memories.